My name is Johanna Seier and this is my journey...

I began my journey as a Personal Trainer in 2012 and a year later founded my all-female Training Company, Aurea Fitness in Winnipeg, Canada. Over the past four years I have watched that small company grow into a massive community with hundreds of women empowering and supporting each other to achieve their goals and completely change their lives. It became something so much bigger than me and took on a life of its own! Sure, women came for me to train them, but they stayed because of the real relationships they made. They are in it together now.

Realistically, not everyone has the opportunity to join that community. There is only room for so many spaces, and Aurea Fitness is restricted to my home city. For years now, I've heard women tell me the same thing over and over: "I can't afford a trainer, and I don't know how to do it on my own!" It seemed like there were two basic options out there for us:

  1. Pay a TON of money that you can't afford for a personal trainer to give you a strategic program that will actually progress you, and hold you accountable to your goals.
  2. Buy an online "guide" that is affordable, but doesn't have any way to hold you accountable or keep you motivated so you are likely to stop once the excitement of something new wears off.

I was inspired to create The Fit Girl Gang to give women anywhere in the world the solution to what has been missing. The purpose of TFGG is to create a global fitness community of women that support and empower each other to achieve our goals together. The Fit Girl Gang provides the strategic continuous programming of a trainer in order to guarantee the results you want, along with the support of myself and the other women taking part in the program at the exact same time as you. You aren't stuck doing a "guide" alone anymore because TFGG means taking part in this program with hundreds of other women at the exact same time, and having their support the entire way.

My dream with The Fit Girl Gang is to create the strongest and most supportive fitness community in the world.

My dream with The Fit Girl Gang is to create the strongest and most supportive fitness community in the world. The Fit Girl Gang is about building real relationships, helping each other stay motivated and accountable, crushing our fitness goals, and learning to love ourselves no matter what throughout every stage of our lives.