Lifetime Membership

Once you join The Gang, you’re a member for life.

That means access to all future programs, videos, recipes, and ALL CONTENT FOREVER.

The following list outlines everything included in your TFGG Membership.


Our core 10-week progressive programs are:

The Original TFGG Program

The Upgraded TFGG Program



*These programs are to be done in order, as they are designed to progress as your fitness level does. Each time you finish a Round of TFGG, you will gain access to the next program.

*The Fit Girl Gang is different from other online fitness programs, as we move through these training programs TOGETHER at the same time. This enables complete support and accountability all day, every day. The upcoming start date for Round Five of The Fit Girl Gang is Monday, May 20th, 2019. Registration will open up on May 1st!

*Training programs are updated every 2-weeks as we progress through them! You will receive access to your new downloadable PDF workouts, as well as Exercise Reference Videos that teach you how to properly and safely perform each exercise every two weeks. The videos show you exactly what perfect form looks like, as well as how to modify exercises when needed. All of our programs are super detailed and accessible through your phone offline once downloaded.

Your membership also includes our brand new bonus programs:


This is an at-home post-natal program, designed for new Mamas with busy lives. Our goal is to empower you to love yourself the way you deserve as you take on the most important job there is.


This includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts that are 100% equipment-free and designed to keep you feeling your best no matter where you are in the world. TFGG Travel also comes with tips and tricks to help you stay accountable with your fitness & nutrition goals, and take the stress out of travelling as much as possible.

Nutritional Support

Rather than following an unrealistic and restrictive meal plan, TFGG operates off of a habit integration system. Every two weeks, we focus on long-term healthy habits that shift the way we think about food and our relationship to it for life.

When it comes to nutrition, your Fit Girl Gang Membership includes the following:

A. All the healthy recipes you can imagine in our TFGG Recipe Bank! These each included step-by-step guidelines on how to make them and what the macronutrient value is. There is also a brand new “TFGG KIDS” Recipe bank for Mom’s who want food that is equally healthy as it is kid-friendly and delicious.

B. Sit-down video Chats that go in depth on what healthy eating actually means, and how you can shift your dietary habits for good.

C. TFGG EAT: This is a restaurant ordering guide that gives food recommendations in the 50 most popular restaurants in Canada. These include both fast food and more upscale dining.


The most special part of The Fit Girl Gang is the very real community that takes place in person and online. As a TFGG member, you will receive access to our secret Facebook Group. In here we discuss every topic imaginable including fitness, health, relationships, sex, careers, education, beauty…. the list goes on. Our Facebook Group is your 24/7 resource for support, honest dialogue, and empowerment.

As the creator of TFGG, I (Johanna Seier) hold a minimum of 3 live discussions each week to answer your questions in real time, and provide even more information on training, mental health, nutrition, and so much more.


As a member of TFGG, you will get unlimited access to all events we hold! The Fit Girl Gang works hard to bring women together in real life through our photoshoots, hangouts, workouts, and parties. It is our goal to create real & meaningful relationships (and also have a lot of fun while we do it).

Self-love & Mental Health Practices

In The Fit Girl Gang, we believe that there is no point in physical fitness, without an equal focus on mental health. The current state of the fitness industry is to push us to feel that we are not worthy of our own love unless we look a certain way, and we believe the opposite. In TFGG, we prioritize the importance of loving ourselves for who we are RIGHT NOW, as we work toward whatever goals we have.

The Fit Girl Gang isn't a fitness program. We aren't a diet plan, or a cheap online fad. The Fit Girl Gang is a real community of kind, genuine women working together to better ourselves as a whole. The Fit Girl Gang is a way of life.