TFGG is changing for the better.

Change can be scary, but I promise this one is going to mean big, incredible things. We are taking on your goals in the most thoughtful way, and we aren’t messing around when it comes to going after the life you want. TFGG is getting much more serious, because big goals means a consistent commitment toward betterment.

Are you in this?

What do these changes mean for your membership?

First of all: don’t panic. You have a Lifetime Membership, which will never be taken away. You will, however, be required to follow these steps by September 29th if you want to have access to your TFGG account and take part in the next ten weeks. The sooner you do it, the better!

  1. Select your program.

Select the program you want to crush during the Fall Series! It is recommended that you complete the one that follows the most recent program you have completed, but it’s completely your choice.

TFGG 10 Week Programs (current members)
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2. Get your 10-week Game Plan.

While this is optional and not required for you to take part in the next 10 weeks, it is highly recommended if you are someone who struggles with making consistent, healthy choices over an extended period of time. The Game Plan was developed in response to so many gang members struggling to stay on track when it comes to their food choices each round!

TFGG Game Plan (current members)
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TFGG Game Plan (current members)
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3. Claim your spot in the TFGG Fall Event Series.

Four incredible, impactful events at a low price we magically found a way to charge. You are invited to a Goal Setting Workshop, a Training Camp, a personal photoshoot (with our favourite makeup artist and photographer) and a Wine’d Up Celebration complete with pizza, pjs, and feel good movies.

*Please note that there are no discounts for people who are unable to attend all four events in the Fall Series. These events are already HEAVILY discounted:)

Fall Event Series (current member)
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4. Send in your Accountability Check In.

In order to set yourself up for success and make the most out of the Fall Series mentally and physically, you will be required to fill out your Accountability Check In by September 29th.

5. Download and save your current TFGG PDF Training Programs.

When the Fall Series begins, you will only be able to access the program you are taking on, and not the programs you have previously completed. Please download your previous TFGG Training Program PDFs and save them to your computer and phone. Once we begin the TFGG Fall Series, you will no longer have access to your past programs. Please understand that due to back-end coding complications there is no way around this. Your new account will include all of the old recipes (plus new ones!), The Self Love Project, 3 Good Days, Travel Programs, Chat videos, and stretching/mobility videos, so don’t worry you won’t be losing those!