Lifetime Membership

The TFGG Lifetime Membership will give you access to every single TFGG training program that is ever developed in order, beginning with the Original 10-week program. This is no question the highest value, least expensive progressive training option you will ever find.

How it works:

You are going to begin with the TFGG Original Program (you will also have access to the TFGG Mama Program). You will spend this next series completing this first 10-week program. Each time we progress to the next series, you will get access to the next program. As this time, there are currently the following programs available:

Original, Upgrade, LIFT, Perform, and Grow.

You will get access to each of these programs as you progress and improve each series. As new programs are added to TFGG, you will have access to those as well. The Lifetime Membership means that you will never have to pay for a new TFGG Training Program ever again.

10-Week Programs

Mama Program

Our TFGG Mama Program was developed for new Mamas with busy lives. My goal is to empower you to love yourself the way you deserve as you take on the most important job there is. TFGG Mama includes two programs:

1) The Postnatal Game Plan - to bring movement gently back into your life again and help you connect with your body after giving birth.

2) The TFGG Mama Program - a paired back version of our TFGG Original Programming. This is designed to be easily completed at home once you are ready to begin working out again. It takes minimal time and minimal equipment, and also helps build back core strength after giving birth.

This program was created for new Moms who are ready to connect with their bodies after giving birth, and build strength, endurance and confidence.

TFGG Original Program

Our TFGG Original Program was developed for women who are ready to take their fitness seriously. I created this program to teach you how to progress your training in a strategic way so that you see significant change in the way your body looks, and what it is capable of doing. You are going to develop confidence in yourself in every area of your life, and it’s going to begin by understanding how to train properly and with correct form. This program is going to challenge you mentally and physically, and show you what you are truly capable of.

This program was created for both beginners and intermediates in the gym, with a minimum of 3 months of basic workout experience.

Upgrade Program

Our TFGG Upgrade Program was developed for women who are ready to advance and challenge their workouts and take their fitness to the next level. I created this program as a significant advancement of our TFGG Original 10-week program. It takes the fundamental movements from that program and kicks them up a very big notch. This program will teach you to dig deep mentally, and push harder physically than any program you have likely completed before. This program is for you if you are ready to take on this challenge, and are willing to push yourself to get to the next level in fitness and in life.

This program was created for both intermediates and advanced in the gym, with a minimum of 6 months of serious workout experience. It is recommended that you first complete our TFGG Original Program.

LIFT Program

Our TFGG LIFT Program was developed for women who want to incorporate heavier barbell lifts into their training, see a significant change in their strength, and ultimately feel like a boss in the gym. This program is going to teach you step by step how to perform barbell squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, pull-ups and more with perfect form and confidence. TFGG LIFT still has elements of high intensity training, but shows you how to pair it with lifting heavier weights to gain lean muscle, increase strength, improve endurance, and shift your body composition. This isn’t a standard online lifting program you can find on youtube… TFGG LIFT teaches you how to lift safely and effectively with long, in depth video tutorials! TFGG LIFT isn’t a bodybuilding program either, it’s a functional lifting program that will leave you lean, capable, and strong.

This program was created for intermediates and advanced in the gym. It is recommended that you have an absolute minimum of 6 months in the gym, with experience and confidence in all dumbbell and bodyweight exercises. We recommend that you first complete our TFGG Original or Upgrade program (in an ideal world you would first do both).

Perform Program

Our TFGG Perform Program was developed for women who want to train like athletes. An athlete is a human being who moves with grace, strength, speed, and agility. It's someone who knows that the hard work will pay off, and that there's no easy pathway that leads to success. An athlete knows that their body was intended for more than just to look pretty, it was created to perform. You are an athlete, and TFGG Perform is going to shape you into one mentally and physically. This program was designed to combine all of the components developed in previous TFGG Programs. It will require strength, speed, power, and balance.

This program was created for the advanced in the gym. You must have at least one year of proper training experience. It is recommended that you first complete TFGG Original, Upgrade, and LIFT.