TFGG Game Plan

TFGG Game Plan


Your TFGG Game Plan may just be your biggest tool over these next 10 weeks.

The TFGG Game Plan uses the TFGG recipes found in your programming, along with our video-based habit integration system to give you light structure and nutritional guidance. The purpose of this tool is to give you a game plan to eat in a way that fuels you, satisfies you, and helps you work toward your body composition goals.

The TFGG Game Plan is not a restrictive meal plan. There are no “bad foods”, and there is definitely no such thing as cheating. Instead, the Game Plan gives you healthy options for each meal that are delicious so you never get bored.

How it works:

-Every two weeks you will receive your newly updated downloadable Game Plan via email.

-It includes a full grocery shopping list and shows you how to meal prep for the following week of recipes.

-The TFGG Game Plan give you options based on your preferences and goals. Are you a snack person? Are you a sweet or savoury person? Are you trying to gain lean tissue or drop body fat? There are alternative for everyone.

-The goal of the TFGG Game Plan is to teach you how to eat in a way that fills you up, gives you the most energy, and helps you to function at your highest level while working toward your goals.

*Disclaimer: this is not a prescription, but a light structure. This was not created by a medical professional, and is not tailored to each individual persons needs. To get a program designed for you and you alone, please make an appointment with a health professional.

Game Plan:
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