TFGG Lifetime Membership

TFGG Lifetime Membership


The TFGG Lifetime Membership will give you access to every single TFGG training program that is ever developed. This is no question the highest value, least expensive progressive training option you will ever find.

How it works:

You are going to begin with the TFGG Original Program (you will also have access to the TFGG Mama Program). You will spend this next series completing this first 10-week program. Each time we progress to the next series, you will get access to the next program. As this time, there are currently the following programs available:

Original, Upgrade, LIFT, Perform, and Grow.

You will get access to each of these programs as you progress and improve each session. As new programs are added to TFGG, you will have access to those as well. The Lifetime Membership means that you will never have to pay for a new TFGG Training Program ever again.

After you purchase this program, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to access your TFGG Account. Please note that this account will only become active the day that we begin our Fall Series: September 30th, 2019.

This program comes with:

-Your 10-week downloadable PDF training program

-TFGG Track: Your editable template to track your fitness performance each week

-TFGG Training Videos: In-depth videos that teach you how to perform each exercise and prevent injury

-TFGG Recipe Bank: Hundreds of healthy recipes, each with the macros calculated for you

-TFGG EAT: Our TFGG restaurant healthy eating guide

-TFGG TRAVEL: Our Beginner, intermediate, and Advanced equipment-free travel training programs

-Three Good Days: Our mental & physical reset plan to get you back in the game after time off

-The Self Love Project: A video based program to improve your relationship with yourself

-TFGG Stretching & Foam Rolling Coaching videos

This program is for you if:

-You have experience in the gym, but you want to take your training more seriously and work toward your goals in a strategic, progressive way.

-You are willing to commit to 5x training sessions each week that range from 35 minutes to 1 hour.

-You want to gain confidence in the gym with functional bodyweight and dumbbell exercises.

-You train at home or at the gym and have access to dumbbells, bands, a bench, and a stability ball.

-You want to see significant change in your strength, your cardiovascular endurance, and your body composition.

-You are willing to commit to a lifetime of consistent effort and self-betterment.

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