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The Fit Girl Gang (TFGG) is a community of incredible women dedicated to supporting each other as we work toward bettering ourselves on the inside and outside. TFGG takes place through an online platform, and allows women to connect with each other and create real relationships through social media and the most awesome events. 

As a Gang Member, you are given access to a secret Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share advice, and have continuous support at all times. The Facebook Group doesn’t hold anything back; we discuss every topic you can imagine and just like everything in TFGG, it’s a 100% safe & judgement-free place. Each week, we have two 60-minute Facebook Live Chats where Johanna will discuss everything from self-love, to sex, to fitness advice, and pretty much every other topic you can think of. This is an opportunity for you to have your questions answered in real time, and learn a ton in the process. 



The Fit Girl Gang is unlike other online fitness programs because you are NEVER left to do it on your own. We follow set start dates for our 10 week training program that ensures we are all in it together every step of the way. There are 3 “Rounds” each year beginning in January, May, and September. Once a Round begins, registration closes and no one else can join in until the next one begins. We all start each Round at the same time and progress through it side-by-side.

During each Round of TFGG we are all in it together. This means you have access to continuous support from Johanna and the community every single day through both our secret Facebook Group and Instagram Page.





The Fit Girl Gang follows a strategic training program designed to drastically improve your overall fitness level and help you achieve your ideal body composition (aka get you fit, toned, and feeling absolutely incredible). 

Each 10-week Round is divided into five 2-week “Blocks” that each have their own workouts and Exercise Reference videos. The Blocks continue to progress and advance as you improve. At the beginning of each Block, you’ll gain access to your new workouts in downloadable PDF’s. Your weekly training comes with photos and detailed explanations of each workout. Each week consists of 5 workouts that range from 25 minutes to 1 hour long and can be done at home (with a minimal amount of equipment) or in the gym. Each Block is accompanied with challenges and tracking sheets so you’re able to watch yourself progress as you go (and feel proud AF about it).

At the start of every Block, you’ll get access to your Exercise Reference Videos. These are where Johanna coaches you on how to properly perform, modify, and advance each exercise. She also explains how to get the most out of the work you’re putting in, ensure you have proper form, and minimize your risk of injury. 



In The Fit Girl Gang, there is no such thing as a strict diet or a boring meal plan. Why would you ever do something you can't keep up for the rest of your life anyway?

The TFGG approach to health is about improving your internal and external wellbeing through diet, positive mindset, and behavioural practices. Health is so much more than the food we eat, it’s the way we treat ourselves. Rather than following a typical repetitive meal plan approach, you are taught to integrate long term habits that change the way you think about your diet for the rest of your life. Once certain habits have been fully established, we slowly add at to them, one Block at a time. 

Just like your training, you’ll receive access to new TFGG Chats with every Block. In these videos Johanna will teach you about everything from how to track and understand macros, to how to plan treat meals, and how to enjoy your life and still make progress toward your goals!

In TFGG, you get access to a Recipe Bank complete with TONS of recipes for Smoothies, Sweet & Savoury Breakfast, Salads, Sandwiches, Vegan Recipes, a Food Prep Guide, Sides, Desserts, and so much more. This means never getting bored, and having an abundance of healthy options for whatever you’re in the mood for. Even better: each recipe in TFGG has the macronutrients already calculated for you. 



It is a core belief in TFGG that mental health and physical fitness go hand in hand. Sure, it’s possible to exercise yourself into the body of your dreams, but if you don’t love yourself during the process, then you won’t love yourself when you “get there” either. One of the biggest focuses in The Fit Girl Gang is learning to truly be confident in who we are. We aren’t perfect and we never will be, but through positive self-care practices we work on accepting and being grateful for who we are and what we are capable of. This is about so much more than working toward a dream bikini body, it’s about learning to properly take care of ourselves on the inside and outside for the rest of our lives.




Arguably the most important thing about joining The Fit Girl Gang is that there is no "end". TFGG isn't a quick fix diet or even an e-book that you complete and then forget about. Once you join, you're a gang member for life. You will learn how to create permanent fitness and mindset changes that will last forever, and get access to continuous challenges, recipes, and informative videos so you always continue to evolve and grow. 

As part of TFGG you get access into every exclusive TFGG event that takes place! You get to meet and connect with women in your TFGG community, sweat together, and create meaningful relationships over what you've achieved together. There is a zero judgement and cruelty policy at all of our events, and we take this shit seriously.



The Fit Girl Gang is a membership based program. Your membership is paid in a one-time payment of $150.00 CAD! That means your Training Blocks, Exercise Video Reference, Secret Facebook Group, Recipe Bank, TFGG EAT, TFGG Chats, TFGG MAMA, TFGG TRAVEL, The Self Love Project, Nutritional Content, and all other content is included.

The best part? Once you’ve paid, you have unlimited access to all new TFGG content forever! That means access to all future Rounds of the program, as well as all written and video content that is added in the future. This is the first program of it’s kind created this way, and was designed so that you can continue to progress through your fitness journey without the stress of a membership fee or payment. TFGG truly is for life, because once you’ve purchased your membership, you have access to it forever.



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