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The Fall Series is now on.


Registration for the Fall Series is now closed.


TFGG Fall Series

TFGG Fall Series is a 10-week commitment to improving your body, your mind, and your life! It runs from September 30th - December 8th.

During these 10-weeks, you’ll be held accountable to the fitness, nutrition, health, personal, and career goals that you set for yourself in a real and meaningful way.

In order to take part in the Fall Series, you must register for your TFGG Program, and fill out the Accountability Form by the September 29th deadline. After that, we will be closed until 2020.

We aren’t messing around. These next 10 weeks are going to give you more support, motivation, and accountability toward your goals than you have ever had in your life.


TFGG Programs

Our 10-week TFGG Programs and the TFGG Lifetime Membership Includes:

Downloadable PDF Training Programs updated every two weeks, TFGG Coaching videos that teach you to perform each exercise in your program,

TFGG Track (editable templates that allow you to track your progress each workout)

TFGG Recipe Bank with (all of our custom recipes)

TFGG EAT (our healthy restaurant ordering guide)

TFGG Travel Programs (equipment-free workouts in beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs),

TFGG Mobility & Foam Rolling tutorials

The Self Love Project

3 Good Days (our mental and physical reset program)

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TFGG Game Plan

The TFGG Game Plan uses TFGG recipes found in your programming, along with our video-based habit integration system to give you meal structure and nutritional guidance. The purpose of this tool is to give you a game plan to eat in a way that fuels you, satisfies you, and helps you work toward your body composition goals.

The Game Plan is not a restrictive meal plan. There are no “bad foods”, and there is definitely no such thing as cheating. Instead, the Game Plan gives you healthy options for each meal that are delicious so you never get bored.

While this is optional and not required for you to take part in the next 10 weeks, it’s highly recommended if you are someone who struggles with making consistent, healthy food choices over an extended period of time.

How it works:

-Every two weeks you’ll receive your new downloadable Game Plan via email.

-It includes a full grocery shopping list and shows you how to meal prep for the following week of recipes.

-The Game Plan give you options based on your preferences and goals. Are you a snack person? A sweet or savoury person? Are you trying to gain lean tissue or drop body fat?

-The goal of the Game Plan is to teach you how to eat in a way that fills you up, gives you the most energy, and helps you to function at your highest level while working toward your goals.


Fall Event Series

The TFGG Fall Series events are exclusive to members committing to consistency over these next 10-weeks. There are a very limited number of spots, and members must stay on top of their Accountability Check-Ins in order to attend the following events.

*At this time, these events are taking place in Winnipeg only. With the success of the Fall Series events, we hope to bring our upcoming 2020 series to more cities across Canada!

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