Block Four LIFT Program

Click the button below to download your Block Four Training Program PDF. Make sure to save it to your phone for easy offline access during every workout.

Block Four encompasses weeks 7 & 8 of your TFGG Training.

Block Four LIFT Coaching

Legs & Glutes

Lunge w/ Reach

Downward Dog

Barbell Only Squats

Back Squat w/ Pulse

Sumo Deadlifts

Weighted Jump Lunges

Weighted Single-leg Thrusts

Monk Stretch

Bodyweight Squats

Tabletop Toe Taps

Box Jumps

Barbell Curtsy Lunges

Banded Lateral Walk


Band Pull Aparts

Walkout to Push-up



Barbell Bent Over Row

Lunge w/ Reach

Front to Back Bearcrawl

Overhead Lunges


Around The World’s

Stability Ball Knee Tucks

Upper Body

Chest Opener

Band Raises

Tilted Plank

Tricep Push-Ups

Lateral Raise

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Band Pull Aparts

Walkout to Push-up


Inverse Row

Reverse Fly

Metabolic Conditioning

Downward Dog

Monk Stretch


Bench Hops

Jump Squats

Lunge w/ Reach

Squat Reach Sequence

Elevated Up Downs

Front Extension Squats