Josée: An introduction

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Hi all you beautiful angels,

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Josée and am the TFGG assistant coach. I’ve also recently taken the lead in growing our TFGG community, which means a ton of really cool opportunities connecting with likeminded women around the world. I’ve been doing The Fit Girl Gang workouts since the round one, and am now doing TFGG Perform.

Now, how did I get into fitness? I think that the first real thought I had about wanting to seriously get into fitness goes way back to this one night where my friend and I were sitting in her hot tub and talking about what it was we wanted to do with our lives. I remember telling her that I really wanted to be a personal trainer but I had no idea how to get there. At this time, I was in school for architecture, but I wasn’t passionate about it and I knew deep down that it wasn’t truly what I wanted to do.

I then started to “workout”. I say workout in quotations because honestly, I had NO idea what I was doing. I’d go to the gym do cardio and Instagram video workouts or try machines that I didn’t know how to use… which I think most of us can relate to as a first gym experience. Running had been my main focus for as long as I can remember. I started running track competitively for the University of Manitoba in my first year of university so my training then was heavily cardio based and full body training during strength and conditioning but way more structured and was learning the basics.

Fast forward a couple years, I joined the Aurea Fitness bootcamps and fell in love all over again. After that first bootcamp I knew this was EXACTLY what I wanted to do. I remember going home and going on my computer to look at how to become a personal trainer. From then on, I really made fitness/health and wellness my priority. I started training with Johanna which then lead to me starting to teach my own classes (which to this day is probably one of my proudest accomplishments) and to now having my own clients. There is nothing that makes me happier than getting to train the girls. This journey hasn’t been easy and some days are tougher than others, but I love it so much that it makes it all worth it.

While writing this post, I came to think about what it is about training that I love. I think that the thing I love most is that feeling of accomplishment after a workout, pushing through an exercise that you felt like you couldn’t finish and seeing your progress not only physically but in your performance and the way your body is able to move. You are the only person that can get yourself to workout and you are the only person that is able to will you to get through something, no matter how challenging it is. I feel like that’s what shows you how strong you are, mentally and physically.

So why did I get into fitness professionally? I did it because it was something I LOVED and wanted to do more than anything. It doesn’t matter what it is in life, if you want something and it is a dream of yours, never stop.

Love always,


Josée Levesque