Mornings can be tough, but let’s give a sh*t about our morning skin care routine!


Don’t you want a basic skin care routine that will save your skin from aging and blemishes? When it comes to skincare, keep it simple and small. You don’t need 15 products to create a flawless glowing skin. Here are my favourite products that are effective, long lasting and result driven.

FIRST: A morning routine should consist of either a cleanser or exfoliating toner. If you have oily skin and sweat at night, I highly recommend using a gentle cleanser. Your cleanser shouldn’t leave you feeling tight and dehydrated. IS Clinical Cleansing Complex is hands down the best cleanser I have ever used. You only need a dime sized amount. Those of you with dry skin should invest in an exfoliating toner such as Ole Henrickson Oil Control Balancing Force. Apply it using a cotton round. It will help remove any debris and ensure makeup application is smooth.

SECOND: Apply a vitamin C serum as it strengthens the skin and fights free radicals (sun, environmental, pollution). Lock everything in with your favourite moisturizer, find something for YOUR skin type. IS Clinical has 2 of my favourite, Moisturizing Complex and Reparative Emulsion. And, yes, eat your fruits and veggies too - that helps optimize skin health.

THIRD: The final step often gets neglected, but it is the SINGLE MOST important one. Applying a sunscreen! SPF is my number 1 recommendation for all ages, especially those of you in your 20’s! Treat it as a serum - find something that works for you and that you like. And no, SPF 15 in your foundation does not count! If you want SPF in makeup, I suggest a tinted moisturizer with an SPF between 30-50. IT Cosmetics CC cream and Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue are some great choices.

My favourite time of the day has to be my night time skin care routine. It’s a great time to unwind and relax. Details coming up in the next post, so stay tuned.

Clinical Products: http://www.myuzartistry.com/shop  Toner: en/product/balancing-force-oil-control-toner-P416816?icid2=products%20grid:p416816:product

Clinical Products: http://www.myuzartistry.com/shop

Toner: en/product/balancing-force-oil-control-toner-P416816?icid2=products%20grid:p416816:product

You can purchase IS Clinical products from the Myuz website or in person at Blush and Blonde.

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