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Hello you beautiful, wonderful people!

So here’s the deal: 


Since launching The Fit Girl Gang one year ago, I am so incredibly proud of everything we have been able to do for the women in our community. We’ve been a platform for connection, provided content on pretty much every topic you can imagine, and an insanely badass network of supportive women. But here’s the thing, we don’t only want to be able to share and connect with the women who choose to be in TFGG, we want to be here for every woman.

As we evolve The Fit Girl Gang into it’s second year, my biggest goal is to be a platform and almost a mini “media outlet” for you to listen, read, learn, and be entertained. In order to do that, we are launching both a blog and a podcast that we are pretty fucking excited about.

Blog posts won’t just be written by me, or even just our TFGG Team. Our vision for this blog is to create a space where women who specialize in every area of health, fitness, beauty, entrepreneurship, and wellness can share what they specialize in and give thoughtful advice on how we can all learn to better ourselves and the quality of our lives a little bit at a time. You guys hear enough from me, and while I do have things to share (and will obviously be one of our contributors!) I want to learn from women with different stories, backgrounds, and experiences that have shaped them into the successful, capable, and incredible people that they are.

Our vision for The Fit Girl Gang is no-bullshit female community. We are going to acknowledge that no one is perfect, we don’t all want to eat freaking kale 24/7, and that life is literally the furthest thing from a curated IG feed. You are going to hear from women who are still learning and growing, and fuck up all the time; but are working to become better versions of themselves every day.

I am so happy to be bringing you babes this blog, and we want to make it as valuable to you as humanly possible! Please tell us WHAT & WHO you want to hear about and hear from.

Love you lots fam.

xx Jo

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