TFGG Track


TFGG Track

TFGG TRACK is a tool that allows you to track your progress over the next 10 weeks. It is ESSENTIAL that you keep track of your weights each workout if you want to maximize your full training potential during the Fall Series.


1. Download the “Google Sheets” app to your mobile device. This is a free app that works on all iOS and android phones.

2. Open up the link below on your mobile device, and save it to Google Sheets.

3. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Click the 3 dots that show up next to the downloaded program and select “Make a copy”.

***this new copy is the one you are going to use. Please delete the original version that you downloaded!

4. Open up your new copy and rename it to anything you like.

5. Click the 3 dots next to your program and check “Make available offline”.

You now have access to your program during your workouts, online and off! Have fun, and please use this tool!