Lets talk about GLOWY SKIN... Creating a make up look with a glowy and dewy base is the

quickest way to refresh a tired face. Lets keep it simple...

Achieving a healthy glow is best done on skin that has been sufficiently prepped! What do I mean by ‘prepped’? I mean preparing your skin by getting it in the optimal condition for make up to be applied. Here are a few steps you can take before your make up application to get your face ready to glow!

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  1. 1)  Apply a face mask the night prior to your application

  2. 2)  Gently Wash and Exfoliate your face and neck

  3. 3)  Apply your favourite serum or hydrating booster, or daily moisturizer

  4. 4)  Remember your eye cream ! - Apply in an upward motion

  5. 5)  Prep your lips with a hyrating lip conditioner or balm

  6. 6)  Allow product to sink into the skin and follow with a hydrating primer

Hey Gang !

Once your skin has been prepped apply a liquid highlighter or soft liquid illuminator to the high points of the face. I often tend to blend this out using my fingertips as it melts nicely into the skin. Your foundation will be applied next , this will give a soft glow coming from within.

Choose a foundation that offers a slightly radiant finish. Avoid using a foundation that is to thick or matte as this can sometimes make the skin appear dull or dry, especially in the winter months...

Subtly highlight the face using a liquid based concealer, underneath the eyes and through the center of your face. Choose a shade that is 1-2 shades lighter than your base foundation colour. Blend well using a beauty blender or the tips of your fingers to warm the area underneath the eye. Set underneath the eye with a slightly radiant powder to maintain a glowy not cakey finish.

Warm the face using your favourite bronzer. Softly define the cheekbones while also applying product to all places on the face that would naturally be hit by the sun :)

Add a sweep of Blush in your favourite warm tone. I often select a blush that has hints of gold to it... I find these shades add a nicely bronzed affect. Blush is my favourite part of the base application as it quickly wakes up the skin and gives you a youthful boost!

To finish, go in with your favourite powder highlighter and dust the top of your cheek bones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow, and brow bone. Layering your highlight where you had first placed your liquid illuminator will intensify your glow and leave your skin beaming ! Set your make up with a dewy setting spray for a fresh finish ... and you are good to GLOW x



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