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My name is Danica and I grew up here in Winnipeg! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m 20 years old and after high school decided I was gonna go on a trip to Southeast Asia. Well that one trip 2 and a half years ago turned into so much more travelling. I have now traveled through Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai, Philippines, Mexico, Dominican Republic as well as China and I plan on seeing much more of this beautiful world!

When traveling so much and being on a budget it can definitely get tricky to eat healthily and stay on track! So here I am to help you with my tips & tricks on eating healthy while traveling without breaking the bank!


When it comes to breakfast, this is usually where you can save a lot of money. When booking your hotel, most of the time it will only cost an extra dollar or even nothing at all to have breakfast included in your stay so why not take advantage? Don’t get me wrong, we all love going out to a cute aesthetically pleasing cafes for our almond milk lattes and beautiful avocado toast but, why not stay in and pick the healthier options from our hotel. You know eggs, some toast and fruit will always be available so why not save that $20 you were gonna spend on avocado toast and eat your free eggs provided for you in your hotel!

Oh and let me tell you I've had some AMAZING free omelets!!



Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can be so easy and cheap especially when traveling in warmer climate areas! It’s so easy to be out and about and just run into a fast food restaurant or a convenience store to grab a snack but why not find out where the local food market is? There usually is some sort of food market with fresh fruits, vegetables, and local vendors! It’s such an easy way of eating healthy and nutritious foods plus you’re supporting the locals! You can also get some pretty cute insta pics at markets hehe!



This is such an easy tip but we all need to be reminded to drink water! Especially if you are in a warmer climate and chances are you’re walking around a lot you will need to keep hydrated! If you’re traveling in a country that has drinkable water, bring yourself a refillable bottle and bam there you have it free water! If you’re traveling to a country that does not have potable water obviously this isn’t really an option. Unfortunately, you will have to buy plastic bottles. From experience hotels charge way too much for water bottles, you can get very inexpensive bottles at the convenience stores like 7 eleven. **Buy the bigger bottles, it’s cheaper in the long run and will force you to drink more water!


Don’t just eat anywhere, do your research! It can be super simple to find the best places to go. I love using TripAdvisor, you can narrow down your search to what kind of budget you’re on, what kind of food you’re looking for and so on... If you’re in a foreign country, you don’t want to be eating just anywhere. Find someplace that is cheap and has good reviews! The last thing you want is getting food poisoning, which unfortunately has happened to me a few times and it’s not fun and you definitely want to avoid that at all costs!!!


This tip is more focused on traveling Asian countries. The nice thing about these countries is that their local dishes are cheap and healthy. Usually, these dishes consist of rice, vegetables, your choice of protein and sometimes an egg! These dishes are always the cheapest option. I found myself eating lots of rice and vegetables on my trips and I had no complaints!!



At the end of the day, you are on a trip and a trip is supposed to be fun!! You don’t want to stress too much about what you’re eating or how to save money doing it. So hopefully this list of my tips and tricks to staying healthy while traveling for cheap helps you all have an easier and healthier vacation!! If you are reading this because you are away on a trip or planning a trip, lucky you!

Have the most amazing, stress-free and healthy time. Take it all in, collect beautiful moments, your money will return but your time won’t!

Live a little,


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