My name is Katie and I am a journeyman hairstylist at Grace Hill Salon here in Winnipeg! I have been asked to share with you some cute gym hairstyles and some styles you can wear from the gym to work or out on the town!

This hairstyle tutorial can be found on my instagram! @styledby_katie

This hairstyle tutorial can be found on my instagram! @styledby_katie

First of all, I love incorporating braids or twists into any style! Seriously they are so fun and can make a plain ‘ol style look super fancy.

The first look I love is a Dutch braided top knot. You can either do one braid into a top knot or split the hair in two and do a double. This is perfect for girls with shorter hair like me who can’t get it all up into the perfect pony with no bobby pins. If you sweat a lot and are worried about having the hair on your neck, take a clip with you to the gym and just clip the rest of the hair up! Honestly, who cares what you look like when you’re working out, I’ve done this many times and not once have I cared😂

The first step you’re going to take is to gather the hair you would like in the top knot. Next, split that section in half. Braid each section back, starting at the hairline. Once the braids are complete (braid until you have about 3-4 inches of hair left) grab both pieces and proceed with your technique for your bun! If you check out my Instagram there is a quick tutorial on this look 🙂

The second look is having your hair allll the way up. I love starting a braid at the nape of my head and have it going up into a high bun! This can be a challenging task as you have to flip your head upside down and get your hands just right but consider it part of your stamina training. Once you’ve completed your braid up the back of your head, secure temporarily with a clip until you have the rest of your hair back. Do your bun as per usual and you should have a super cute style to last through your workout and into a night on the town!

If you are heading out right after the gym, refresh with dry shampoo and tame any flyaways with hairspray!


Hope these styles were helpful 💕

Xo Katie

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