Welcome to TFGG MAMA! Here you’ll find specialized programs created for the new Mamas in the Gang. I wanted to design something specifically for you. Something that incorporated the same fundamental training principals of TFGG, but was designed to help you feel connected to your body and build back strength and confidence after pregnancy. So many of my clients have explained to me how hard it is to feel like yourself after pregnancy. Your body is different than it's ever been, and you no longer have anyone living inside of it. My intention behind this program is to shift the perspective from "I want my body to look the way it used to" to "I'm working toward creating something new and amazing". You are more capable, beautiful, and powerful than you know, and more than anything I want this program to ignite that inside of you.

So here's to conquering this as a community, and being the most badass Gang of Mama's out there. It will be a while until I join the Mama Gang myself, but until then I'll be cheering for you hard, and here for support anytime you need it.

Lots of love,